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"A Visual Cipher in the Spirit of Kandinsky and Picasso" is not merely a painting; it is an intricate tapestry of hidden narratives waiting to be deciphered. This art work bridges the worlds of two iconic artists, Kandinsky and Picasso, bringing their spirits to life in a color and form.

Within its vivid canvas lies a treasure trove of symbols and enigmatic meanings, each stroke and hue a deliberate choice in the grand orchestration of this visual cipher. 

Every symbol and hidden meaning is a thread in the intricate fabric of this artistic riddle, inviting you to unlock its secrets. The painting challenges you to unravel the mysteries concealed within, to decipher the cryptic messages woven into its very essence.

Size 100 cm x 100 cm

Painting is sold Framed

A Visual Cipher in the Spirit of Kandinsky and Picasso

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