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My abstract cubistic painting of still life cherries is a captivating and visually arresting piece of art. It explores the subject of cherries in a dynamic and unconventional way, breaking away from traditional representational styles and embracing the cubist approach.

The composition of the painting is characterized by bold and fragmented geometric shapes. The cherries are deconstructed and depicted from various angles, giving the viewer multiple perspectives to observe and interpret. This fragmentation adds an element of movement and energy to the artwork, inviting the viewer to explore the subject in a fresh and engaging manner.

Vibrant colors play a crucial role in the painting, contributing to its overall impact. The use of vivid hues, such as deep reds, bright greens contrasting tones, creates a striking contrast against the canvas. These colors infuse the cherries with a sense of vitality, drawing attention to their lusciousness and tempting nature.

The juxtaposition of geometric shapes and vibrant colors creates a visual tension that adds to the painting's allure. The angular lines and intersecting planes give the artwork a sense of dynamism and depth, creating a visually intriguing experience for the viewer. The cubistic style allows for a fresh interpretation of the subject matter, inviting the viewer to contemplate the essence of the cherries beyond their physical appearance.

Size 50cm x 50 cm

Medium: Acrylics on canvas

We are proud to provide a complimentary framing service, meaning you only need to pay for the frame mould.

Our team of skilled professionals will work to create a custom frame that perfectly complements your artwork.



Picasso meets Cezanne: Cherries

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