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This captivating cubist artwork harmoniously blends the innovative spirits of two renowned artistic pioneers, Picasso and Cézanne. The composition, featuring four apples, transcends traditional representation, inviting viewers into a realm where form and perspective intermingle.

Picasso's bold influence is evident in the fragmented geometry of the apples, as they appear deconstructed and reassembled, presenting multiple facets simultaneously. The interplay of angles and planes challenges conventional perception, inviting contemplation of the objects from myriad viewpoints.

Drawing inspiration from Cézanne's penchant for capturing the essence of nature, the painting radiates a sense of organic vitality. The apples, though abstracted, retain their intrinsic qualities, their tactile presence almost tangible through the artist's masterful manipulation of color and texture.

This painting serves as a bridge between artistic eras, encapsulating the Cubist movement's intellectual inquiry and the Post-Impressionist reverence for the fundamental elements of art. The convergence of Picasso's radical innovation and Cézanne's profound connection to nature creates a visual dialogue that invites observers to appreciate the intricate harmony of perspectives and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

Size 50cm x 50cm 

Painting is sold framed

Picasso meets Cezanne: Cubist Apples

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