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In "Titled Untitled - Fusion of Visionaries: Basquiat and Picasso Collide," two artistic giants transcend time and space to create a captivating union. This painting is a testament to the power of artistic dialogue, where Jean-Michel Basquiat's raw and expressive neo-expressionism dances with Pablo Picasso's fragmented abstract cubism. The canvas pulsates with energy as vibrant brushstrokes and fragmented forms collide, forging a harmonious fusion that celebrates the boldness of artistic vision. This captivating artwork invites viewers to witness the meeting of two creative minds, exploring the interplay of color, form, and emotion in a vibrant tapestry of artistic innovation.

Size 50 cm x 50cm 

Painting is Framed

Picasso meets Basquiat: Titled Untitled - Fusion of Visionaries

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