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"Gathering of the Merry Few" draws inspiration from the artistic realms of Frans Hals and Picasso, intertwining their distinct styles into a vibrant, colorful, and cubist tapestry. This lively composition captures a gathering of characters with an energetic flurry of hues, predominantly vibrant blues, melded with an array of vivid colors. Employing the cubist approach, the artwork presents an intriguing portrayal, juxtaposing fragmented perspectives and dynamic forms, reflecting the essence of camaraderie and celebration among a select few. The fusion of Hals' portraiture finesse with Picasso's cubist innovation results in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in this jubilant and multifaceted artistic narrative.

Painting is 50cm x 50 cm

It is sold framed


Read fun story bout the Gathering of the Merry Few here:


Picasso meets Frans Hals: Gathering of the Merry Few

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