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In my painting, "Picasso Meets Ciurlionis," I've woven together the artistic influences of two iconic figures from different corners of the art world. The canvas becomes a visual tapestry where the bold, abstract cubism of Pablo Picasso seamlessly intertwines with the ethereal, symbolic landscapes of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.


"Picasso Meets Ciurlionis" is my testament to the power of artistic cross-pollination, where two visionaries from distant lands and different eras find common ground on my canvas. It's a painting that challenges viewers to contemplate the interplay between abstraction and representation, and the universal language of art that transcends borders and time.

Painting is sold framed.

Size 50cm x 50 cm 

Picasso meets Ciurlionis: Lithuanian Spirit - Spanish Passion:

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