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This captivating piece, titled "Picasso meets Dali: Melting Clocks and the Surreal Tango," is a visual symphony that brings together the distinctive artistic styles of two legendary figures, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Through a harmonious blend of Picasso's cubism and Dali's surrealism, this painting takes the viewer on a whimsical journey into a world where time melts away and reality dances to its own absurd rhythm.

The focal point of the artwork lies in the presence of melting clocks, a renowned motif from Dali's iconic piece, "The Persistence of Memory." These surreal timepieces, seemingly liquefied and distorted, challenge our perception of time and invite us to explore the fluidity of existence. They serve as a bridge between Dali's fascination with the subconscious and Picasso's unique approach to deconstructing form.

Size 50 x 50 cm 

Painting is sold framed 


Note: This painting is owned by a private collector.



Picasso meets Dali: Melting Clocks and the Surreal Tango

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