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"Picasso Meets Kandinsky: Azure Reverie" is a mesmerizing testament to the creative spirits of Picasso and Kandinsky, blending their influential styles into a captivating cubist abstract composition. Dominated by a spectrum of azure hues, from serene cerulean to deep cobalt, the canvas hosts a graceful dance of blues interspersed with accents of vibrant yellow and tranquil green. This amalgamation of colors evokes a sense of calmness and introspection, inviting viewers into a contemplative reverie. The geometric interplay, reminiscent of Picasso's fractured planes and Kandinsky's spiritual geometries, forms a tapestry of intricate shapes and dynamic angles. "Azure Reverie" stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of these artistic pioneers, offering a serene and meditative journey through a dreamscape of blues, greens, and touches of sunlit yellows.

Painting is 50cm x 50 cm

It is sold framed. 


Picasso meets Kandinsky: Azure Reverie

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