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"Picasso Meets Malevich - Revolutionary Cubist Noir" is a mesmerizing piece of art that seamlessly merges the innovative Cubist style of Picasso with the stark minimalism of Kazimir Malevich's "Black Square." This striking black and white composition is a visual symphony of contrasting elements.

At first glance, the painting's bold geometric forms and fragmented shapes draw you into the world of Cubism. The influence of Picasso is evident in the way the artist has deconstructed and reassembled familiar objects, creating a sense of dynamic movement and multi-perspectival complexity. Yet, amidst the Cubist chaos, there's a sense of purpose and structure that beckons you closer.

This painting was influenced by "Black Square," a symbol of Malevich's revolutionary abstract art movement known as Suprematism. This iconic black square, commands attention and invites contemplation. It represents the void, the unknown, and the infinite potential of artistic expression.

The interplay between Cubism and Suprematism in this artwork is both intriguing and harmonious. The stark contrast of black and white creates a sense of drama and tension, while the abstract forms and angles hint at hidden narratives waiting to be deciphered. It's a visual journey where you can explore the boundaries of artistic innovation and the meeting point of two influential art movements.

"Picasso Meets Malevich - Revolutionary Cubist Noir" is a captivating fusion of artistic ideologies, a celebration of artistic evolution, and an invitation to explore the depths of abstract expressionism in black and white.


Painting is sold framed

Size: 50cm x 50cm 


Note: This painting is owned by a private collector.

"Picasso meets Malevich - Revolutionary Cubist Noir"

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