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Picasso meets Raphael in the premier of 'Sacramental Disputation' is a bold and vibrant Cubist masterpiece, showcasing a fusion of two artistic giants in a dynamic and innovative interpretation of Raphael's iconic painting.

In this captivating artwork, the traditional composition of Raphael's 'Disputation of the Holy Sacrament' is reimagined through the lens of Cubism, resulting in a kaleidoscopic explosion of form and color.

The painting is rich in detail, with intricate geometric shapes and fragmented perspectives that challenge the viewer's perception. Shades of gray provide a dramatic backdrop, while bursts of yellow, glimpses of red, and light blues add dynamic energy and depth to the composition.

Each element of the original painting is deconstructed and reconstructed in a Cubist fashion, creating a mesmerizing visual dialogue between the past and the present, the classical and the avant-garde.

Through 'Sacramental Disputation,' the artist invites viewers to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, inviting them on a journey of discovery and interpretation. It's a testament to the enduring power of art to transcend time and space, bridging the gap between centuries and styles with wit, charm, and creative genius.

Size: 100cm x 100cm

Painting is sold framed 

Picasso meets Raphael: Sacramental Disputation

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