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Step into a realm where classical elegance meets modern ingenuity with my latest painting, inspired by Sandro Botticelli's timeless masterpiece, "The Birth of Venus."

In this captivating rendition, Venus emerges from a mesmerizing turquoise sky, her divine essence illuminated against the celestial backdrop. Focusing solely on her head and bust, I've embraced the cubist style, infusing the composition with geometric dynamism and depth.

By fragmenting Venus's form into angular facets, I invite you to explore the multidimensional nature of beauty and mythology. Each stroke and angle tells a story of her timeless allure and eternal grace.

The dominant hues of beige and turquoise create a harmonious symphony of color, grounding the ethereal turquoise sky while accentuating Venus's radiant presence.

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation, as "Celestial Awakening" transports you to a realm where the classical meets the avant-garde. Add a touch of divine elegance to your space with this captivating piece, a true testament to the enduring allure of Venus.

Size 50 cm x 50cm 

Painting is sold framed. 

Picasso meets Sandro Botticelli: Venus's Awakening

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