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Oil painting on wood panel - "Secret Garden"
Crystal Ball series

Size: 20cm x 25cm x 3.5cm

Framed with black glossy frame 


My oil painting of a secret garden viewed through a crystal ball. The way the light refracts through the ball and onto the canvas creates an otherworldly atmosphere, as if you are peeking into a magical realm. In the foreground, you see the crystal ball perched on a pedestal, with delicate vines and flowers winding their way around it.

As you peer into the ball, your eyes are drawn to the scene beyond: an old, rusted gate standing sentinel at the entrance to the garden. The gate has clearly weathered many storms and stood the test of time, and we can't help but wonder what lies beyond it.

In the background, you see the remains of an old building, long since overgrown by lush greenery and tangled vines. The architecture is hauntingly beautiful, with intricate details peeking out from beneath the foliage.

The overall effect is one of mystery and enchantment, as if you have stumbled upon a long-forgotten garden that has been preserved through the ages. 

Secret Garden - Crystal Ball Series

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