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"Marilyn Monroe Through Picasso's Prism" is an enthralling abstract cubist masterpiece that reimagines the iconic Marilyn Monroe through the kaleidoscopic lens of Picasso's artistic vision. The painting captures Marilyn's timeless allure with a touch of enchantment, as her mesmerizing eyes twinkle with a magical sparkle, drawing viewers deeper into the artwork's enigmatic charm. The portrayal of her legendary blond hair exudes a sense of dynamic movement and fascination, echoing the complexities of her persona. This unique blend of cubist elements transports the viewer into a realm where the iconic Hollywood star is transformed into a captivating enigma, leaving them to contemplate the intertwining of classic beauty and abstract allure.

Painting is sold framed 

Size 50cm x 50 cm 

Marilyn Monroe Through Picasso's Prism

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